Doodle - The standard for Origami diagramming


Reference manual

Since Doodle defines a language to write Origami diagrams, it has appeared necessary to provide a reference manual which describes each language component. This document has to be completed concerning the underlying concepts of the system but at the present time, it can be fully used and information concerning operators (the Doodle primitives are called operators) is fully available. This manual is currently provided in three different text formats :
  • PostScript flat file
  • Portable Document Format (PDF) file (with links)
  • Hypertext files (HTML v3.2)

This document can be found in the donwload section of the sourceforge Doodle site:

You can also browse directly the online version of the latest reference manual, jump here.


I have plans to write a step-by-step tutorial. The idea is to choose a model and follow up the creation of its diagrams. The model is not yet chosen so if you want to get involved in this task you can contact me (jgout). I need also Doodle beginners feedbacks to make this tutorial more useful and more accessible.


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