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Last binary release

This page contains last stable release of Doodle binary. The current version is 2.1. Binaries for the following platforms are provided:

What's new in 2.1

This new release is a minor release. Here the list of changes:

  • Upper case in extension is now allowed (.DOO or .D) for input file. It is more convenient in MS Windows, you can now double-click on a doodle file to launch compilations.
  • \rotate symbol changes according to the angle value given. The arrows of the symbol now indicate the rotation order.
  • The value given to \rotate can now be real instead of integer.
  • \diagramer is now replaced by \diagrammer.
  • Last parameter of \simple_arrow and \return_arrow (concerning the side of the arrow) is now optional. The default value is set to right if it is omitted.
  • Debug information placement has been updated to introduce random.
  • New operator \push_arrow to draw a push arrow symbol in diagrams.
  • New operator \open_arrow to draw a open arrow symbol in diagrams.
  • New operator \repeat_arrow to draw a repeat arrow symbol in diagrams.
  • New operator \label to declare a symbol to reference the step where the label is defined.
  • New string operator \ref to reference a label symbol defined in a step. The operator is replace inside the string by the step number.
  • \turn_over_* have been fixed concerning the shifting values (forgotten bug from the 2.0 version).
  • The syntax of both operators \turn_over_* have changed to be compliant with \rotate. Now they can only be found after a step and no longer inside.
  • New operator \rabbit_ear has been introduced to help user to compute rabbit ear folds.


The main effort of this release has been to complete the \shift operator. Since \shift creates a difference between internal position of points and the visual one, a lot of other operators should have been modified. Moreover some new operators have been added and some one have been changed. The list below details those changes, you can see for more information the reference manual.

  • Fold operators (\valley_fold ...) can now be defined with a limiting edge on its second point.
  • \unfill operator has been extended. If no paramter is given all previously defined faces are unfilled.
  • New debug operators (\debug_point and \debug_line) very useful.
  • \rotate operator has changed, it's no longer accepted inside a step block.
  • New operator \text to annotate directly points of diagrams.
  • New operator \unshift to stop action of a previous \shift.
  • Vertex duplications are now provided (e.g newA = A;).
  • Fold line styles no longer change because of scale change.
  • Parenthesis can now be found safely in string.

Older binary releases

If you want to get other versions jump to sourceforge download page


Here is a port of Flex and Bison for Win32 systems. You must have those files to compile Doodle on Windows.


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