Doodle - The standard for Origami diagramming


Sites directly linked to the Doodle project:

Here are some pointers to sites related to general Origami:

  • Vincent Osele's Origami pages (french only)
    Si vous ne connaissez rien a l'Origami, commencez par ces pages, en particulier le solfège et les bases.
  • Joseph Wu's Origami pages
    This is the most known Origami site. There is a lot of things such as history of Origami, pictures, diagrams. The links pages is very complete. in fact, this is THE Origami page !

Here are some pointers to other sites related to formal origami descriptions:

  • David Fisher's thesis
    "This thesis describes a language for describing the folding sequences of flat origami modelds ans program for entering and executing instructions given in the language." David Fisher
  • Oridraw by Marteen Van Gelder
    Like Doodle on the principle but older.
  • OIL by John S. Smith
    OIL is a description language of folding data-processing making it possible to transmit a folding by mail or to evaluate the difficulty of a folding well. At the present time, there is no OIL computer system associated with this language. The language uses arrows in the place of operator.

Here are some pointers to sites where useful tools can be found:

  • Ghostscript, Ghostview and GSview
    Tool to display PostScript file (.ps). This tool is ported to several platforms (Win32, Unix/Linux, OS2 ...).
    Ghostscript can also convert PostScript files (.ps) in Portable Document Format files (.pdf).
  • ps2pdf
    The online distiller. Site to convert PostScript files (.ps) in Portable Document Format files (.pdf).
  • PStill by Frank M. Siegert
    PStill is a PostScript to Portable Document Format (.pdf) converter. A lots of platforms are supported (Windows 95/98/NT 4, MacOS X, HPUX 10.x, SUN Solaris 2.x (Sparc), SGI IRIX 6.x, Linux 2.x (Intel), FreeBSD (Intel))


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