Doodle - The standard for Origami diagramming


How can I display the PostScript file produced ?

If you are under Unix, this format is directly displayable using a PostScript interpretor (gv is a well-known interface for Ghostscript on Unix systems) or it can be sent to a PostScript printer (by the "lpr" command ).

Under Windows, either send it directly to a PostScript printer (using the "copy" command), or use an PS interpreter like Ghostscript one (gsview is a graphic interface of Ghostscript for Windows systems) to display and print it.

What are the supported OS ?

Doodle is a command line system written in ANSI C++ (using STL) so it possible to compile it on a large variety of platforms. Currently we provide binary distribution for:

  • Win32 systems - intel
  • Linux (Suse 7.0) - intel
  • Solaris 7 - sparc


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