Doodle - The standard for Origami diagramming


You can find on this page some examples of Doodle code and results. We hope that page will grow and become a great exhibition room where new users could see Doodle capabilities.

If you want to provide some diagrams created with Doodle, we'd be very happy to make it avaliable in this page.

Models presented in this page can be freely folded, modified or distributed.


    pajarita.pdf pajarita.pdf
    pajarita.doo pajarita.doo

"Pajarita" 3D !

    pajarita3D.pdf pajarita3D.pdf
    pajarita3D.doo pajarita3D.doo

Simple boat

    simple_boat.pdf simple_boat.pdf
    simple_boat.doo simple_boat.doo


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