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Stay updated

To stay updated concerning the Doodle project, you can subscribe the doodle-announce mailing list. This mailing list has a very low trafic. This list doesn't really contain discussions but rather announcements of new versions.

Join the Doodle familly

The main Doodle user list is doodle-users. Doodle users can share their opinion, ask questions, diffuse their work. This list is the communication channel of the Doodle community. Of course this communication space is totally free and unmoderated.


The last Doodle list (doodle-devel) is dedicated to its development. This list joins all Doodle developpers. If you want to follow technical discussions or participate to underlying technological choices, you can subscribe to this list.

All these three mailing lists are hosted by sourceforge, you can find here the Doodle mailing lists page.


This project is hosted by Sourceforge, you can get more information
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